Can't take it with you when you go. BC

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Walking from my office to the parking lot dreaming about Sir Thomas Sharpe.

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OMG Stahhhhhpppp. Just bonk me already!!!!
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You don’t say…

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Ballroom scene in ‘Crimson Peak’? Any excuse to see Tom ballroom dancing is good enough for me

Between the horror of the movie and the torture of Tom in that costume DANCING I’m not sure what will kill me first.

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Lorne literally giving a shit to show he doesn’t give a shit.

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I’d like to imagine that tonight after he’s done shooting Tom buys himself a pretty cupcake and puts a birthday candle on it and sings “Happy birthday, dear William” and while blowing out the candle he wishes that he can do another Shakespeare play soon. Then he gets comfy with a collection of his favorite Shakespeare sonnets and reads till he almost falls asleep. Yes, I’d like to imagine that Will’s 450th birthday is very special day for Tom.

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